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Venus, 2018 - Satoshi FUJIWARA

Venus, 2018

Exhibition FLUO NOIR, Biennale de l'Image Possible, La Boverie, Liège, Belgium

Taking responsibility for, and using up to its limits, the liberty which had neither a model nor a master has presented him with, Satoshi Fujiwara offers saturated photography, over-edited, extreme in its form and its subject matter. The very powerful aesthetic statements, which can leave no-one unmoved, are coupled with a political statement about a society that worships the gaze. Satoshi Fujiwara observes this and above all reveals its authoritarianism with photographic scenes that pertain to a brutal theatricality. Using his photographs the way a sculptor uses matter, for BIP2108 he will produce a monumental photographic statue, whose pedestal is on the border of a stage and a boxing ring, in a space between which speaks of the fascinating violence of the spectacular. (From the exhibition catalogue)

©BIP2018-PHOTO Guilherme Gerais